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The Original Country Road

From Newbury to Portsmouth

The Dublin Honey Fight

No one got the sweets

Booze in Lebanon

Heated with a loggerhead

Joe Moses in Portsmouth

Fit to carry garbage

Yelling Dam in Church

A Wilton dam in trouble

Shoplifter flogged

In Portsmouth

Mr. Myrick’s Hidden Money

A Portsmouth man is rich

A Chicken in Church

Lebanon minister is clucked

Indian Stream

Part of New Hampshire secedes

Bear Fits in Gilsum

Gored and crazy

New Hampshire’s Historic Flags

At the NH Historical Society

The Amputation

Loudon man makes his own prosthetic

Toughest NH Winter on Record



In Concord and Hancock

The Nelson Doctor’s Pay

A kitten

The Bison in New Ipswich

A riot ensued

Bear Back Riding in Swanzey

On a real bear

Black Sailor Outwits Pirates

And returns with gold to Portsmouth

Toasting a building

In Andover

America’s First Great Trotting Horse

From Newmarket

President Jackson in Concord


The Gilford Horse Boat

On Winnipesaukee

Ben Elliot Gets Converted

In Benton

Webster’s Last Trip to Portsmouth


The Bridegroom Doth Not Come

In Portsmouth

Manchester Log Run

Called: “Knockies”

The Frost Free Library

In Marlborough

The Five Trees

Souls of Gilford brothers

The Trans-Atlantic Cable

Came ashore in Rye

Kinky Milford Schoolteacher

Tied up her future husband

Dynamite Corner in Strafford

Got its name for good reason

Prices in 1895

In Milford

Trashin’ in Lebanon

Just what you think it means

Stop the Wedding!

In Nashua

Dying in Jaffrey

Fell in a vat

Old Grey Bonnet

Son written in Madbury

The Lithium Spring in Temple

Had no lithium

Wilson’s Summer White House

Was in Cornish

Colebrook Funeral

Couldn’t find his teeth

The Clan Visits Charlestown

Big deal in 1924

First Cloud Seeding Ever

In Concord 1947


Named for two towns


Named for Thomas Hart B.


Named for an Admiral


Named for Tom, not Bill

Number Four Becomes Charlestown

Someone was robbed


Got its name like the SST did

Famous in Croydon

Guy who invented the blackboard

Francestown Soapstone

World renown

Garrison Hill

In Dover

Ghost Hollow

A Campton story


Dropped the “u”


From Connecticut


Bert Heath and the hearse


With the biggest hog in America

Hampton Falls

The smell of Brimstone Hill


Perfect to look at


Used to be Cockermouth


Where they hooked fish

Legend of Granite Lake

In Monsonville


And the Bloody Point

Newington Meetinghouse

Oldest in NH


Had four different names


Why so named?

Portsmouth Theater

First had only guys

Sharon’s First Vote 1940

The world was watching


Manchester took it

Postal Rates in 1845

In Swanzey


And General Blood

On Winnipesaukee

Stories from

FRITZ: More Stories from NH Chronicle

Here is a list of stories you will find in this book. Each is identified by subject and the place the story happened.

The Fife Boy of Goshen

Eleven years old and in the war

The Squaw Lot

Killed in Concord

The Drunken Revel

Indians in East Concord

A Man Called Rainbow

Treachery at Fort Hinsdale

Usquebaugh in Manchester

Pronounced “whiskey” (sort of)

Vermont Secession

Old Man of the Mt. goes to Vermont


The Meetinghouse fight

The Acworth Wild Man

Naked except for a raincoat

Isaac O. B.

Warm feet in Barnstead

Nelson’s Last Tory

Escaped out the back door

The Great Bellows

Of Walpole

The Skeleton on Mt. Washington

A few feet from safety

The Governor’s Calf Pasture

It’s a mountain cliff in Walpole

Lady Blanche

In North Conway

John Langdon’s Speech

In Exeter

Lost Lead Mine

Near Bedford

John Colony

In Keene

Saved by the Grandfather Clock

Uncle Billy

The Benton fiddler

Turned to Stone in the Grave

In Jaffrey

Joe English Hill

The legend

John Fitch of Jaffrey

Fitchburg is named for him

Asa Fox, Murderer

Lebanon, 1808

Daniel Chester French of Exeter

The Lincoln Memorial man

Leather French of Exeter

Remembered in verse

Old Soldier Haines

The Concord hero

Aaron’s Truth and Martha’s Shirts

Figures of speech in Benton

Temple Glass

First glass made in America

Pesky Peter

Of Benton


The Andover Tramp

Lafayette in Bradford

And the local guy who knew him

Parson Leavitt the Sadist

In Walpole

Lincoln Speaks

In Manchester

Long’s Automobile

Hinsdale 1879

Cilleyville’s Gwin

Lived to be 110

Impaled on a Stake

In Bedford


At Governor’s Island

The Hermit of Bow Lake

He was a matchmaker

John Morey and the Catamount

In Andover

Murphy’s Grave

In Newport

Nancy Set Free

Slavery in Concord

The Witch of Salem

Salem, N. H.

Lyndeborough Silver Mine

Investors but no silver

Commodore Perkins

Born in Hopkinton

Son Given To Satan

By his Dad in Croydon

First to Die at Number Four

Seth Putnam

Priscilla Quimby and the Ghost

In Lancaster

The Concord Sea Captain

He was drunk a lot

Doctor Robb

Marlow’s scandal

A Love Story

In Andover

Ed Shedd of Stoddard

They thought he was poor

AWOL, John Starburd

Strafford’s fastest man

Molly Stark’s Cannon

In New Boston

The Other John Stark

Fought for the British

John Taggart’s Journey

To Stoddard in the snow

Snow in July

And The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Richard Waldron

The Dover massacre

Frances Deering Wentworth

Get’s married in Portsmouth

Martha’s Second Wentworth

After Benning there was Mike

William Whipple’s Wedding

In Portsmouth, what a mess

General Leonard Wood

Came from Winchester

Aunt Ethel Goosed

In Milford (my brother did it)

The Milford Basketball team

Mistaken for Brinks robbers

My First Horse Race at Rockingham

I was way too young

The Country Club

A lesson in integration

Fritz the Beatnik

What can I say?

Long Hair in Portsmouth

Happy Birthday, Paul

Me and Estes

Kefauver in Milford

Harold Stassen in Jaffrey

No one turned out

My Spiro Agnew Watch

They were out of “Tickey-Dickies”

Gary Hart in Peterborough

Great haircut!

Green Christmas

Full graveyards

Adam Sandler Beats Fritz

But he’s not upset (hummm)

Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

Sarah Hale in Newport started the holiday