President James Garfield’s grandfather

Lived in Richmond.

John Stark and the Devil

He killed him.

Henry David Thoreau’s Grandmother.

Lived in Keene.

The Last Wolf on Monadnock

Killed in 1819

Captain Salter’s Ferry

A sly Yankee lad gets revenge in Newcastle.

A Comical Death

Guy from Temple “buys it” at Bunker Hill.

Samuel Jones’ Leg.

It’s buried in Washington, NH, but he’s not.

America’s First Insanity Defense

Guy from Pembroke hanged in Hopkinton.

Rindge Man Kills Bear with Bare Hands

Rams his fist down the bear’s throat.

Bear Tears Guy’s Clothes Off in Hancock.

Ran home naked.

Gravestone in the Shape of a Dog

It’s in Mont Vernon.

Lincoln’s Favorite Marching Band

From New Hampshire, of course.

Tinker to Evers to Chance

And a guy from Amherst.

A Ghost on the Fourth of July

Rings bell in Peterborough

The Largest American Flag Ever

Made in Manchester

Public Floggings

On Wilton Common.

Hancock’s Toughest Teacher

Beat up a student and got respect.

The Pine Tree Riot in Weare

First Revolutionary act (not the Tea Party).

A Hanging in Amherst

Ten thousand people turned out.

Griffin’s Falls

Death in Bedford.

Fence Viewers in Peterborough

And other arcane town offices.

Maude, Mollie, and Maggie

Horse Cemetery in Littleton.

North America’s First Potato

Planted in Derry.

First Automobile in Jaffrey

A Ford.

First Shot at Bunker Hill

Guy is buried in Deerfield

The Bass Violin

Splits the congregation in Brookline.

The Captivity of Mrs. McCoy.

She didn’t want to come back to Epsom.

A Slave to an Indian Princess

A guy from Nelson

Woman Scalped Alive in Portsmouth

Lived to be 87

The Silk Stockings

Bedford woman grew own silk to make them.

Sleeping with His Dead Wife

A guy from Derry

A Terrible Death in Jaffrey

Schoolgirl stuck in schoolhouse window.

The Concord Massacre

Worst Indian attack in Concord history.

Flywheel Disaster

Tore a hole out of the Amoskeag Mills.

The Fitzwilliam Highwayman

So handsome the jury found him innocent.

Farming Out the Poor in Fitzwilliam

Mrs. Rice was worth fifteen pounds.

The Smallpox Cemetery

In Jaffrey

Derryfield Beef

Slimy eels in Manchester.

Cash and Carry in West Manchester

A woman plays a joke on a man.

Epping Ghosts

Cows haunt a church.

Alstead Becomes a Town

Named for a guy who wrote an encyclopedia.



The NH Legislature Moves to Concord

Exeter was too expensive

How NH Got Her State Flower

The purple lilac

The NH State Seal

It used to be in Latin

Declaration of Independence in Portsmouth

Everyone yelled, “huzza!”

Cowbell Corner

This part of Salem is not named for a cowbell.


It used to be called, Squamscott.


Only town in the world with this name.

Amy Beach

Classical composer from Henniker

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Here is a list of stories you will find in this book. Each is identified by subject and the place the story happened.

Stories from


Uncle Sam Came from Mason

Married Jonny Appleseed’s girlfriend.

Strange Gravestones Around Keene

One is inscribed with how much it cost ($6).

Gravestones Near Jaffrey

One is carved into a chair where you can sit.

Edna Dean Proctor

Henniker’s world-class poet.


No one knows where they got the name.

Hillsboro’s Stone Bridges

Built with counterfeit money

Salem’s Hitty-Titty Pond

So-named for a hundred years.

Isles of Shoals

Cpt. John Smith is impressed.


Used to be Upper Ashuelot.


John Shepard owned the mill.

Caroline Cutter

Murdered by the Milford Baptist Church.

Carrie Cutter

First woman to die in the Civil War

New Ipswich

A most-important town.


Used to be spelled like it’s said.

Frost’s “Stopping By he Woods”

You can visit the actual spot in Derry.

Grave Robbery in Acworth

Bezeleed Beckwith is gone.

Ben Bellows

For whom Bellows Falls is named.

Ruth Blay

Hanged in Portsmouth.

Willa Cather

Buried in Jaffrey.

Famous NH Communists

The Chases of Washington.

The Witch of Hampton

Goodie Cole.

I Peed on Bette Davis

True story

First Female Entrepreneur

Hannah Davis of Jaffrey

Ruel Durkee of Croydon

Most-powerful man in N.H.

Hannah Dustin

Killed Indians in Penacook.

Thorvald Eriksson

Hampton’s false grave

Viggo Brandt Erickson.

Carved “Buddies” in Jaffrey.

Amos Fortune of Jaffrey

Slave bought his own freedom.

Horace Greeley

Born in Amherst.

Captain John Gunnison of Goshen

Killed perhaps by Mormons.

Lafayette in Suncook

Where John Stark’s son is rude.

Portsmouth Jailer Toby Lakeman

Punished for his goodness.

Portsmouth Hermit Ben Lear

Ate only potatoes and milk

Major McClary of Epsom

Highest officer killed at Bunker Hill.

Manchester’s Commodore Nutt

Twenty-five inches high.

Stephen Parker of Nelson

Friend of George Washington.

Two-Gun Perkins

Stops a riot in Manchester

Franklin Pierce

A bio starting in Hillsboro.

General John Porter statue in Portsmouth

Guilty and then exonerated.


A comical funeral in Milford.

She Weighed 315 Pounds

John Stark’s mother-in-law in Dunbarton.

Herman Straw

Most-loved man at the Amoskeag Mills.

Tommy Wiggin’s keys

It could have been a DWI.

Henry Wilson of Farmington

New Hampshire’s only Vice President.

The Wetherbee Arsonist

Ira Wetherbee of Chesterfield.

Indiana Burns

My great, great, grandmother stays in Milford

Little Tim Wetherbee

In Brookline he punched a guy in the nose.

Father Sees His First Naked Lady

In Milford.

Peterborough Theater Days

I am humiliated.

A Naughty Dog at the Funeral

In Milford.


A Milford restaurant; open sometimes.

Monkey Rock

On the New Boston-Francestown line.

Fritz Gets Put in his Place

And learns humility, maybe.