The Sutton Oven

First settler ovens were outdoors

The Weld Garrison Fiasco

Nutso Indian attack in Nashua

Throat Distemper

In Durham

Telling the Bees

John Greenleaf Whittier

Ambush Hill

In Charlestown

Eaten by a Shark

Off Portsmouth

December Patriotism

General Sullivan and Paul Revere

First Death of the Revolution

And not a Lexington

The Old Man of the Mt. Leaves NH

And moves to Vt.

Faked Death

In Westmoreland

Murdered for an Ox

In Auburn

Goose Corner

In Wolfboro

Death on Frenchman’s Lane

In Portsmouth

Hamilton House

And John Paul Jones

The Little red Schoolhouse

In Jaffrey

Protesting the War of 1812

In Amherst

Splitting Phebe Rock

In Concord

A Naughty Place

Near Crawford Notch

Taylor Falls Bridge

Between Nashua and Hudson

Bitten by a Camel

In Sutton

First Train to Concord


The Panama Railroad

And a guy from Manchester

Suing Time

When debts came due in Sutton

Delaware Territory

Another country in N.H.

Beautiful Girl in the River

In Hopkinton

Northernmost Death of the Civil War

Man buried in Manchester

The day Robert E. Lee Surrendered

What happened in Nashua

The Hampstead Fellons

Face the mob

Unitoga Springs

In Bradford

Wilmot Camp Meetings

Eight days, 3,000 people

Robinson Female Seminary

In Exeter

White Mt. Freezers

Best ice cream makers ever

The Sledding Accident

In Bristol

First X-ray In America

At Dartmouth

Theft, Arson, Adultery

In Orford

The Epsom Church Bell

And the Fourth of July

The Barrington Train Wreck


Automobile Costumes for Ladies

From the Nashua newspaper

Mad Cow in Hudson

And a guy up a tree

Island Park Washed Away

In Hinsdale and Brattleboro

Poor Little Elwin, Lost Forever

In Grafton

Death at the Flagpole

Pent Wiggin in Stratham

The Guynol Guards

In Concord

The Flying Circus

Comes to Hudson

The Deepest Cellar

In Charlestown

Anthrax in Manchester


The Geographic Center of N.H.

In Ashland

Temperance in Atkinson

You took an oath

The Atkinson Town Pound

One of the best

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Stories from Fritz’


Here is a list of stories you will find in this book. Each is identified by subject and the place the story happened.

The Isles of Shoals

Cpt. John Smith found ‘em

The Mine Isles

Gold mining in Nashua

Indian Burial in Keene

How they did it in the winter

Barbados, N.H.

There is still a Barbados Pond.

Barnstead Parade

Old Wiggins shames the boys

The Barton Inn

In Lempster

Nashua’s First Canal Boat

And other transportation

Brickmaking in Merrimack

For the Lowell Mills

The Post Office Burglary

In Bristol

Brookline Murder

A terrible story

Chesterfield Actors

Five plays a year

Concord Fire Company


The Screaming Corpse

In Sullivan


Named for Tom Drew


In Grafton County

Lower Coos

Now Haverhill

The Hebron Gold Rush

That is, rush to California

Henniker Shakers

Were not welcome

Daniel Webster on a Bearskin

In Hooksett

The Gas and Murder Station


Hopkinton Grave Robbers


The Great Hudson Explosion



Where Victoria was born

Named for a Patriot


The Milton Library

An architectural gem

The Town of Monson

It ain’t no more


Now Nelson

The Pelham witch

And Dr. Munsey

Brigham Young’s 14th Wife

From Peterborough

Cpt. Will Raymond

And the town of his name


Now Stratham

Sugar Hill

Newest town in N.H.

Hard Times in Swanzey

Fifty-three dead

Unity and Concord

Agreeable towns

The Troy Murder

Not enough evidence

Unity Quaker Meeting House

Amazingly in tact

Wentworth’s Brother-in-law

And the town of Warner

The “Junius” Letters

And Wilmot

Meetinghouse Tragedy

In Wilton Center


A lot of stuff happened here

Seventh Day Adventists

Born in Washington


The big “A”

The Slave Aggie

In Barrington

Stingy Asa of Strafford

Wouldn’t buy a broom

The Devil Asa Caverly

Threw rocks at the ghosts

Bemis’s Stiff Leg

A Nelson joke

The Unfortunate Mr. Blair

Of Campton

Portsmouth Guy Crosses Delaware

With George Washington!

The Black Baby

A Lebanon story

Ruth Cole

Hanged in Portsmouth

Moody Currier

Of the Currier Museum

The Devil at Jacket Hole

In Freemont

John Adams Dix of N.H.

Fort Dix named for him

Helen Dorr of Lebanon

Saved a child from death

Blodget’s Eelskin

A tale of Litchfield

Largest Adams Apple in Hookset

Blacksmith Emery

Famous College Friends

Hawthorne, Longfellow, Pierce

Frost in Franconia

He moved to protect his daughter

Caroline Cutter of Milford

Murdered by the Baptist Church

President Grant Takes a Wild Ride

To the Profile House

Aunt Gustie

A character of Conway

Hervey Takes a Pullman

From Milford to Wilton

The First Pulitzer for Fiction

To a guy from Sugar Hill

The First Broadway Musical Ever

By a guy from Charlestown

The Snuff Incident

And the Stratham Deacon

The Rev. Jazz

In 18th century Hebron

Susanna Johnson

Charlestown Indian attack

Poet Jones the Hermit

Hollis 1740

Sevilla Jones Murdered

In New Boston

Killed by the Jesse James Ganng

Born in Fitzwilliam

Under the Kilt

A Conway theatrical

Lovel Traps the Indians

In Washington

Old Gidd the Miser

A tale from Suncook

The Newport Whipping

His wife begged them not to

Molly Ocket of Conway

A Native-American Christian

Benny Pierce

Death of the President’s son

Religion and Politics

In Hebron

A Quaker Helps the War

In Hopkinton

A Ride for a Bride

In Hampton Falls

Roger’s Rangers

From Dunbarton

Sewing and Moral Reform

In Windham

Fanny Shute

A legend of Newfields

General Stark and the Salute

The enemy fires cannon

Tiny and Slim

The biggest man in Walpole

The Indian Fairy

Beaver Lake, Derry

America’s Notorious Criminal

From Newmarket

Daniel Webster’s Law Partner

Timothy Farrar in Portsmouth

Lady Wentworth

Naughty, naughty

Whipping the Quaker Woman

Dr. Barefoot helps them

Aaron Wiggin’s Fast

It killed him

Woman Wrestles Man

And wins in Dunbarton

Wright’s Silver Polish

Invented in Keene


A dog that looks like Fritz

The Birdseed Sandwich

At the MacDowell Colony

My Dad the Bootlegger

At Harvard College

Oh that Junky Music

In Wolfboro


Mrs. Hagar said they did it

Oldest Rocks in N.H.

Just off Rte. 93

An Electric Shock

In Hanover

Geo Washington’s Favorite Paper

Was published in Walpole

Floods in N.H.

Worst was 1936

Christmas 1959

In Milford