The Last Music Lincoln Heard

Played by a guy from Kensington

Amoskeag Canal

Some of it is still there

Bound Rock

Looks like it move

Here is a list of stories you will find in this book. Each is identified by subject and the place the story happened.

Church in Nashua 1679

Scary place

Universalist Creed

Formed in Winchester, NH

To Market in Winter

Easier than in summer

The Lost Child

In Walpole

The Freewill Baptists

Their oldest church is in New Durham

A Dream of Death

In Hollis

The Salamander

A scary story from Penacook

The Big Elm

In Langdon

Barnstead Bones

Under the church porch

A Place Called Rattlesnake

In Penacook

The Concord Townhouse

Before there was a Statehouse

The Year Without a Summer

Warner in 1816

Killed by Lightning

On Deer Street, Portsmouth

The Pair –of-Pants Table

In Hebron

Belling the Rat

In East Concord

Railroad Accidents in Concord

In the mid-eighteen hundreds

Gilford Roundball

Before there was baseball

The Not-Confederate Flag

In Marlow

The Devil’s Gold

In Greenville

The Willey Slide

Scariest story ever

Monadnock Lead Mine

Up near Colebrook

The Dead Pig in Keene

What to do about it

The Ashland Mill

And Freeman Sanborn

Atkinson Academy

Oldest co-ed school in America

Benton Buys Substitutes

And the town pays


It means, “burnt wood”

The Old Bristol Cannon

It blew up

The Cheshire Turnpike

Four cents to go through Langdon


And the Chesterfield coat

The Civil War Riot

In Freemont

The Concord Gas Company

You’ve passed it a thousand times


Named for Henry Conway

The Loveliest Village of the Plain


The Croydon Taxpayer

Returned in a stone boat

The Dublin Library

First free public library in NH


A lot of history here

Hinsdale Post Office

The oldest in America

The Keene Raid

The gang from Gilsum

Milford-Pepperell Baseball

The fix was in

Mont Vernon

First in America

Peterborough Fire Company

The equipment is still there

Biggest Explosion Ever

Portsmouth blows up point

Moving the Raymond Meeting House

People prayed not to do it


Not Swansea

Thornton’s Ferry

Yah, the guy who signed The Declaration

The Second Vicksburg



For Jonathan Warner of Portsmouth

The Best One-dollar Whip

In Manchester

Death of Isaac Bachelor of Bethlehem

What a way to go!

Back From the Grave in Newmarket


Wrestling the Bear

In Conway

General Louis Bell

Manchester’s GAR Hall

John T. Benson

Wild animals in Hudson

Sam Brown in Hell

OK, Tamworth

The Burnham Hanging

Fun in Haverhill

Bates’ Bait

In Gilford

Chewin’ in Church in Lebanon

And no spittoons


Named for an real guy

Cocheco Mill-girls’ Strike

First ever in our history

Copperheads in Nashua

The mob descends

Wentworth’s Last Friend

Dr. Cutter in Portsmouth

The King of Chester

Lord Timothy Dexter

John Brock of Goshen

Killed by a “quack”

Judge Dudley of Raymond

An honest man

Emancipation in Concord

They didn’t like it

Hampton Falls Farmers’ Club


A Bridge Lost to Romantic Passion

At Bellows Falls

Ebenezer Hinsdale

Founded the town

U. S. President Jenness of Strafford


Lafayette in Warner

Not a dry eye in the house

The Lightning Dance

In Wentworth

Murder in E. Major

In Wilton

Rev. Parker Died Right Here

In the road in Derry

Boos Booze

In Alton

Roger’s Corner Murder

In Greenfield

The Instant Parade

In Derry

Governor Smyth

And Lincoln in Manchester

Dottie Sparks

Swimming in the Swift River

The Beer Bottle Spire

In Hampton Falls

Spiritualism on Sunshine Lake

In Jaffrey

Hanged for Mittens

In Goshen

The Barber thief

In Portsmouth

A Mean Shaped Head

In Plainfield

Daniel Webster

In Temple

Naughty Benning Wentworth

At home with Martha

First Murder in Hillsborough County

Guy from Hollis did it

The Dead Man Moves

On the Portsmouth docks

The Real “Plupy” Shute

The Exeter Lawyer

Revenge for Woody Woodpecker

In Milford

Bradford Springs Hotel

No alcohol

Fast Day

Only in New Hampshire

Mother’s Ice Box

In Milford

Sauerkraut Slicer

Dad’s biggest failure

Milford Snow Sculpture

Anatomically correct


It’s not done any more

Not a Bloody Attack

But it looked like one

Gage Girls Road in Bedford

Who were the Gage Girls?

Fritz’ Favorite N.H. Things

Good stuff

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