Fritz Wetherbee to appear at (your venue)

(Town Name and Date)... Author and television personality Fritz Wetherbee is coming to (town).

    Fritz will appear at (place) at (time) on (date) to tell stories, answer questions, sign books, and talk about his life growing up in New Hampshire.

   Wetherbee has eight published books including his latest, “Fritz Wetherbee, Milestone”.  The books are collections of stories he has written for  WMUR-TV’s “New Hampshire Chronicle”.

    “With this latest book I will have published over 1,000 stories about New Hampshire,” Fritz said. “This book marks the end of this collection.”

    He calls himself a “proud provincial.” He has, he said, spent almost all his life in the Granite State.


Born in 1936, he  grew up in Milford the oldest of five children.

    Over the years he has worked at everything from tree climbing to being the Creative Director in an ad agency.

    “I know the state very well,” he said, “I have met all the Governors from Sherman Adams on, even Vesta Roy, our first female Governor, and I’ve read most of the town histories.”

    For ten years Fritz was the host of New Hampshire Crossroads on New Hampshire Public Television. For the past Ten years he has written and presented a different nightly story on N. H. Chronicle. His segment is called, Fritz Wetherbee’s New Hampshire.

     “I do historic stuff and funny stuff and personal stories. The only limits I have are that the stories are never to get old. We should be able to repeat any story in ten years and, aside from the car I am driving,  no one should know its an old piece. And,” he says, “all my stories must be about New Hampshire.”


Fritz lives with his “better half”, Laura in a two-hundred-twenty-year-old home in Acworth (“The first town in the state,” he says,”…alphabetically.”) On his library shelves are dozens of state books plus five Emmys and a Bobble-Head Doll . He was honored with the bobble-head of himself for throwing out the first pitch at a Fisher Cats Game a couple years back.