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   This is a classic!

    With this recording people from “away” learn how to Speak N’hampsha Like a Native in eight easy lessons

    Think of the advantages. The guy from the garage comes to start your car in the driveway and you fool him into thinking you were born here. Result? His bill is half what he’d charge if you didn’t talk right

    Think of it: you will make back your cost in just one dealing with people born here. Listen to the C.D. or tape in the car.

    Learn the difference between the way Mainers and Vermonters

speak and the way we here in the Granite State talk. Send this C.D. to people who have moved away. It’ll make them homesick.

Speak N’Hampsha

    Threaten the kids with it. Say you will play it again if they don’t stop asking, “when are we gonna get there?”

    Send it to people who are gonna move here. It’ll scare the hell out of ‘em.  It’s a great stocking stuffer (It does however, make walking painful).   Torture your spouse (give it as a present, they’ll have to play it).

Audio CD
$15 postpaid