How the Indians Made Maple Syrup

Dropped hot rocks into the sap

Indians Try for a Giggle

Hiding girl doesn’t laugh

Durham Love Story

Gets his wife back by singing

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Justice in Hollis

Gossip gets three hours in the stocks

The Widow Dennett

Portsmouth come-a-courting story

Oldest NH Paper Mill

It’s in Pennington

18th Century Customs in Walpole

Just what is an eel skin?

John Taylor Gilman

Exeter man says goodbye and dies

The Old Boar

Brigs down a bear in Hollis

Throat Distemper

Killed thousands on the Seacoast

Bones in Portsmouth

Man hanged and buried in the road.

The Great Ox of Hampton

Sucks up to the Governor

Bears in Dublin

A remote control shooting

Boys Chased by Wolves

In Fitzwilliam

Whipping the Cat in Hampton

Shoemaking in 1776

First Workers Strike in America

It was in Sandown

Nevins Rock

The guy who left it died at Bunker Hill

Nancy’s Brook

Frozen to death in Crawford Notch

New Ipswich Mob

A Tory is in Ashburnham

Frenchmen’s Duel

In Portsmouth Cemetery


In New Ipswich

The Cockade Hat

Treason in Milford

Lightning Accidents

Jaffrey had a lot of them

Surgery in Sharon

Medical history made

Stool Pigeons in Bedford

Real pigeons yet

Londonderry Turnpike

It’s now Route 28

Religious Revival 1814

You could get arrested in New Ipswich

Silver in Barrington

The buried coins are still lost

The Tornado of 1821

Blew a hole in Warner

The Old Portsmouth Bridge

The quickest way to Kittery

Funeral in Sullivan

So many the floor collapsed

Shot by His Own Gun

In Fitzwilliam

Saved By His Hat

Robbery in Nelson

The First Black Author in America

Came from Milford

The Witch of Coos

A true story from Stark

Ben Thompson and UNH

Eccentricity in Durham

Josiah Pike Hanged

Killing in Hampton Falls

First Rubber-tired Car in NH

In Manchester

The Great Souhegan Bank Heist

Milford family taken hostage

Apple Hits Horse

And Jaffrey girl is shot

Goose Yokes

No kidding: in Meredith

Snow Rollers

Last ones were in Conway

The Lancaster Fox

Why a fox?

Ship Saved off Venezuela

By a guy in the White Mts.

Domestic Goose Wooed by Wild Goose

In Hancock

NH Towns Get Names Oddly

What’s in a name?


Named for Henry Clay’s home

Fort Atkinson

Opening of the Lakes Region

Daniel Webster in Boscawen

Had his law offices there

Center Harbor

Named for a family


Now Candia

The Chester Cemetery

Where only half the angles smile

Concord’s Bridges

End of the First NH Turnpike


The place of wigwams.

The Greenfield Fair

Used to be a big deal

The Brickyards of Hookset

Amoskeag Mills were built from them


The largest textile mill in the world


They moved the town here

Lake Massasecum

Named for a Native American

Middleton Town Hall

A hidden treasure

New Boston’s Eagle

Fancy, schmancy


AKA Dantzic/Hereford/Fisherville

Stories from Fritz’


Here is a list of stories you will find in this book. Each is identified by subject and the place the story happened.

Maxfield Parrish’s Stage Set

You can see it in Plainfield

The Richard Nixon Profile

In Marlow

Oyster River Plantation

Now Durham

Pawtuckaway Boulder Field

A “wow” attraction in Nottingham

Peterborough Town Library

First in the world supported by taxation


A little piece of hell in Mont Vernon


Lots of history

Sharon Schoolhouse

No running water and an outhouse


The goose lake place


Where Ichabod Crane is buried

Christmas in NH

The perfect place to be

Finding Jesse Buters

Under the snow all winter

Salmon P. Chase of Cornish

Among other things The Chase Manhattan Bank

Winston Churchill of Cornish

Yah, a different guy

Cigar Box John

From Derry

Saved by the Cheese

In Alexandria


Got name from Lady Di’s family

Invented the Revolver

Guy from Pembroke

First European to Climb Monadnock

Sam Willard

First European Death on Mt. Washington

A British Peer

Fired Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Buried in Deering … maybe

Edward Gove

The Hampton Hero

John Parker Hale

Dover’s great emancipator

Lucy Hale of Dover

Loved Robert Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth

Sarah Josepha Hale of Newport

Created Thanksgiving Day

Aunt Jenny the Witch

From Hillsboro

Sanders McMurphy of Alexandria

Wore George Washington’s uniform.

The Northwood Minister’s Pay

Not much money but a lot of stuff

James Monroe in NH

He liked the ladies in Concord

Jonathan Moulton

A pact with the devil in Hampton

Ocean Born Mary of Henniker

Not what you think

Thomas Pickering

Took and ax to the British in Newington

Paving the Road to the Cemetery

Durham Doctor was scandalized

Robert’s Dad Comes to Exeter

Abe Lincoln

Count Rumford

Concord’s most-famous man

The Russian Count in Meredith

A straight shooter

Chesterfield’s Harlan Fisk Stone

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

The Last Signer of the Declaration

Matthew Thornton of Londonderry

The Tramp in Ashland

He died in on Christian Hill

Amos Tuck of Exeter

Created the Republican Party

Mark Twain in Dublin

Loved the town

The Snowball Trial

Judge and jury in Sanbornton

NY’s First High School For Women

Founded by a woman from Sutton

Daniel Webster Learns Table Manners

In Exeter

Nobel Prize Winner From Ashland

Dr. George Hoyt Whipple

Prince Whipple of Portsmouth

The black man crossing the Delaware with George

Returns From the Dead

In Salem

The Grand Hotel

In Mont Vernon

Miller State Park

Dedication in Peterborough

Memorial Bridge

In Portsmouth

Armistice Day

In Milford

Hattie Butler Loses Her teeth

My Grandmother

My Dad Plays a Trick

On my mother

The Manchester Dinner Party

Dad got drunk

The Bell that Wasn’t Supposed to Ring

In Milford

Fritz the Candidate

My only political run

Gregory Peck and Me

I got him angry

My Dad’s Yankee TV

And I mean Yankee